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R&D AI engineer & Entrepreneur

About me

Since embarking on my artificial intelligence journey in 2017, I've navigated the dynamic startup world, co-founding my own and applying theoretical expertise and practical skills across various sectors. This dual perspective is reflected in my education, initially theoretical in fundamental mathematics, complemented by technical training at 42 and several certifications.

Typically immersed in the startup environment, I've often participated in strategic decisions and learned to adapt to resource constraints. This experience has not only shaped my unique approach to artificial intelligence, but also allowed me to develop qualities appreciated by my collaborators. I am recognized for my conscientious work, creativity, active listening, and team-working skills.

As an advocate for responsible AI, I align my work with ethical principles and am committed to impactful projects, such as promoting women in the literary world and developing soft skills in children.

Aware of the challenges businesses face and the need to embrace AI to stay competitive, I offer AI consulting and training services. My goal is to share my passion for AI and help businesses navigate this complex landscape.

Discover right now how I can help your teams and your business transform through AI.



AI Consultant

AI Trainer/Instructor

Prompt Engineer


Tech Consultant


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I'm here to help your business navigate the complex landscape of AI.

Consulting on AI model engineering


Advice on the use of generative AI (benefits/risks)


Advice on data management and exploitation, as well as on intellectual property


Consulting on technology strategy and roadmap definition


I implement AI projects that can be deployed quickly and bring great value to your business, even if you don't have internal AI skills.

Prompt engineering


Analysis and generation of textual data


Automatic internationalization


Chatbot design


I offer training, workshops, and conferences on AI for businesses and schools, tailored to your specific needs.


Introduction to AI


Technological, commercial or ethical issues of AI


Use of generative AI


Technical workshops and lessons

« Marine has made an essential contribution to our team thanks to her in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence and her ability to apply this expertise to real-world problems.​


She is able to translate complex technical concepts into terms that are understandable for the non-technical members of the team and to find new applications of AI in the team’s daily tasks. »

Solenne Bocquillon - Le Goaziou

Awards & Interests



Co-authored a research paper ​ awarded Best Paper of the Year at IEEE Spoken Language Technology 2021.

In 2018, I was the model architect of the winning AI model for the Iron Car competition, which involved autonomous self-driving mini-cars, representing Ecole 42. Our team emerged victorious in all races, including the finals, against a dozen schools and mixed companies. 

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Volunteer Participant at FIRST (Women & Engineers - Succeeding in Science and Technology), an annual UPSTI (French Union of Professors of Industrial Sciences and Techniques) event, contributing to the promotion of STEM careers among high school girls through educational presentations and mentorship.

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AI Projects



  • Prompt Engineering (Soft Kids, Wscripted)

  • AI for Automatic Internationalization (Soft Kids)

  • Text-to-speech & voice cloning technologies (Soft Kids, Wscripted)

  • Narrative Analysis & Stereotype Detection for the Media Industry (Wscripted)

  • Co-authored Research Paper on Active Learning with Virtual Adversarial Learning (xBrain)

  • Data Collection, Data Processing and Fully Synthetic Dataset Generation (Soft Kids, Wscripted, xBrain)

  • SoTa Hybride End-to-end Dialogue System for Retail (xBrain)

  • Location Extraction using Deep Learning (xBrain)

  • Knowledge Discovery & Topic Modeling System for Customer Relationship Data (xBrain)

  • Research Paper Watch and Weekly Presentation (xBrain)

  • Fullstack Development (April International Travel)

  • Thesis on Mathematics (Sorbonne University)

  • Self-Driving Car Model (Ecole 42)


  • Deeptech and Mission Driven Start-up Co-founder (Wscripted)

  • Strategical Pivot to a SaaS Model (Wscripted)

  • Technology strategy advices (Soft Kids, Wscripted)

  • Training non-tech teams in the use of generative AI to enhance productivity and quality (Soft Kids, Wscripted)

  • Client Meetings & Partner Collaboration (Soft Kids, Wscripted, xBrain)

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Education & Experience

Curriculum Vitæ

Education & Certifications


2023 | Certification (AI specialisation)
2021 | Actinuum Certification (Management & Leadership)
  • "Embracing the role of a manager"

2017 | Stanford Online Certifications (AI)
2016-2018 | École 42, Paris

42 is a global coding school offering a self-directed, project-based curriculum without teachers or grades, fostering collaboration and problem-solving.

  • Acquired proficiency in languages such as C, Python, SQL, and PHP, and gained experience with algorithms, machine code, assembly, shell, and version control.

  • Acted as a board member of the 42AI  association

  • ML model architect for 42 team at Iron Car '18 competitions.Team won all races of the season and the final.

  • 2 months visiting 42 Fremont (CA, USA) campus.

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  • YouTube
2014 | GT'M Ingénierie Certification (Coding)
  • JAVA/JEE Full-stack developer 

2011-2014 | Sorbonne Université, Paris


Master’s Degree in Fundamental Mathematics

  • Completed a rigorous program covering algebra, analysis, geometry, and topology.
    Courses were shared with students from the prestigious École Polytechnique Paris and École Normale Supérieure.

  • Conducted M2 research on differential geometry & topology (Morse theory).

  • Conducted M1 research on algebraic topology and equivalence of categories.

Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and applications 

2004-2007 | Lycée Pasteur, Neuilly-sur-Seine


Scientific CPGE

  • Completed intensive preparatory courses aimed at training students for enrolment in one of the Grandes Écoles, specialised institutions of higher learning in France.

  • Accepted into Polytech Paris-Saclay. Opted to explore a new direction in the field of arts, focusing on sound engineering in music studios and movie sets. logo
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January 2023 – Juin 2023 | Soft Kids, Paris

Founded in 2019, SOFT KIDS is a dynamic educational app that nurtures children's soft skills through enjoyable, interactive games and activities, fostering personal growth and social aptitude.

Ai Consultant

  • In charge of the design and implementation of a comprehensive data collection plan, capturing and analyzing player behavior metrics to define an adaptive learning algorithm.

  • Using AI to enrich the range of available games, thus optimizing the adaptive learning algorithm to better respond to the uniqueness of players.

  • Pioneered the automatic internationalization of the app using Large Language Models to translate text, Text-to-Speech and voice cloning technologies for the audio features, streamlining the translation process.

  • Managing a team of two work-study students developing the Unity app.

  • Led the marketing team to create engaging social media posts and newsletters using Large Language Models, enhancing the company’s online visibility.

Nov. 2021 - Present | Co-founder Wscripted, NY/Paris

Founded in 2020, Wscripted uses AI technologies to accelerate the discovery of women storytellers and their content for producers, studios, and streamers.

Nov. 2021 -Oct. 2023 Ai & Tech Lead

  • Responsible for research and development of advanced NLP solutions, including narrative analysis and stereotype detection technologies.

  • Orchestrated a strategic pivot to a SaaS model, enabling clients to utilize our proprietary technologies on their own data.

  • Conception and development of an automatic reading feature for literary works, allowing a significant time saving for our users.

  • Global supervision of the development of the talent platform, intervening in both piloting and coding.

Nov. 2017 - Nov. 2020 | xBrain, Menlo Park/Paris

Founded in 2012, xBrain uses AI to develop conversational solutions for businesses.


R&D AI engineer

  • Co-authored a research paper on active learning with virtual adversarial learning that significantly improved our data annotation process, optimizing resource allocation given limited budgets. The article ​​was awarded Best Paper of the Year at IEEE SLT 2021.

  • Implemented an end-to-end dialogue system based on a research paper, using real client data in the retail sector. The model outperformed the existing system, demonstrating the advantages of end-to-end approaches in preventing infinite loops and hallucination problems.

  • Independently designed and implemented a deep learning model for the extraction of locations or points of interest. This model, inspired by real-world data, was trained on a fully synthetic dataset that I created from French government open-source data. It effectively met the expectations of our client, a major European insurance and assistance provider.

  • Designed a knowledge discovery system that combines a supervised boosted classifier with an unsupervised model for collaborative operation on customer relationship data. The project was not fully completed due to organizational constraints.

  • Other responsibilities included scientific watch, AI awareness for non-technical teams and active participation in client and partner meetings.

Feb. 2015 - Oct 2016 | April International Travel, Paris

April International Travel is a leading travel insurance company.

Fullstack developer

Responsible for the overhaul of the insurance subscription extranet, both back end and front end.

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